We know what we have built and where we are. If you are once a Diamond within Slovak business and you are among the top growing businesses in the country, you have to have vision. Especially when you repeatedly score in prestigious Delloite rankings for Central as well as the entire Europe. For a couple of year we have been a rapidly growing top technology company.


Of course, further growth in all segments of our activities. Growth and development, strategic and controlled. We constantly have to have the ambition to be the leader and deliver our solutions to the best. To be their stable partner. The destiny of leaders is to lead, win and raise the bar. Even in difficult times. Among other things, it is our duty and honour to set trends. Represent an inspiration, model and be a flag and vision bearer. Be the one who sees beyond the horizon and sets aims. The one who seeks, defines and creates new solutions.

Do you know who had the vision to offer quality and cheap shoes for everyone? And also successfully implemented it? Tomáš Baťa. “One person, one computer” is not only the vision of Bill Gates, but Steve Jobs as well. “I don’t care about the colour of my cars. But they have to be black and affordable for every American.” Said Henry Ford. Visionaries who have implemented their visions and are part of economy textbooks.

Our vision is to be a reliable supplier of solutions with four S: Smart, Safety, Solutions, Success. Today it does not make sense to use the SMART method only to shape and define goals. The goals are smart technologies and smart society. Nowadays, we are already creating smart grids and smart solutions. There is no point in waiting for the next industrial revolution. The 4th industrial revolution has in fact already began. We want to be revolutionaries also in the global phenomenon of Industry 4.0 as well.

We have visions, we have strategic goals. And we can achieve them and fulfil them.