In the week of September 19, 2022, we participated in the international fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. What have we prepared for the participants and how did the whole thing go?


2 countries and so much in common

We have prepared an interesting presentation for the companies and the general public that visited the international fair. The goal of the presentation was to point out that Slovakia and Bulgaria have a lot in common. Whether it’s mountains, alcohol, football, or inventions that have reached the world.

We also wanted to call attention to the fact that if we want to work together, we need to know something about our countries. That is why we introduced our company, its visions, the VARIOSTEP product line and ways to save energy. See the presentation for yourself.

In addition to many fun facts, the content also contained a Slovak video. It lasts about 8 minutes and reveals the entire history of the MicroStep -HDO company. How it all began behind a pub table with a beer in hand. From a handful of people, there are suddenly over 120 employees.



By presenting our VARIOSTEP product range, we aimed to show that we can save energy costs. How? That’s what people at the fair also asked. Our aim was to explain that this can be achieved by monitoring the energy flow and applying automated optimization.

Variostep is a product line designed for energy management. It contains applications and modules that are intended for deployment in an industrial environment. This solution consists of applications, devices and complex systems built for individual functions.

Variostep offers scalable software and modular hardware suitable for data collection. It enables the monitoring and control of energy management. However, this is not the only product offered in our portfolio. At the fair, we also presented Variostep EDGE.


Variostep EDGE

Who is this system intended for? It was created for all subjects of self-government and for business, industrial and sports campuses. That is, for all those who want to save on energy costs.

Variostep EDGE is a technology and information system for distribution network management. It combines the dispatching and management functions of the customer’s business processes for overall energy management.

This system is intended for smaller local systems, energy communities, etc. It provides collection and storage of data in 15-minute profiles, or greater granularity of data with the possibility of prediction and other analysis of user data.

The Variostep EDGE solution offers mass service for end consumers, including the preparation of documents for invoicing and reporting. The system is ready to introduce flexibility, and its development responds to changes in the energy market.


Why MicroStep Invest?

Only the TOP companies in their fields made it to the fair. What gives us the reason to belong among them? Because we are the best at what we do. More specifically, we are the best in smart and security solutions in the field of energy and information systems.

Our services do not lack an information security management system. In addition, we don’t forget our planet either. That is why we have built a quality and environmental management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

We focus on data analysis, machine learning, smart networks and many other areas. It all sounds like nice words, but what about the results? We have those too and they are not weak at all. If you want to get to know us even better, why not contact us ?