Nearly 30 years of gradual work, successful operation and strategic development has resulted in a prestigious title of the Diamond of Slovak business (“Diamant slovenského biznisu”). We are among the top fastest growing companies and repeatedly rank high in Central European as well as European Deloitte Technology Fast We are part of the MicroStep group which operates globally in engineering and energy. Today, we are a regular supplier of smart and secure business solutions for the energy industry, industrial automation, and information systems.


Our know-how and solutions are aimed at end customer energy suppliers. They are also used by energy traders to help them manage energy in their industry. Our ripple control (HDO) systems are currently in use in every distribution company throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our customers use our reliable and secure management system as well as our sophisticated tools for commodity trading, trading optimization and market risk management. Our solutions also manage contractual relationships, collection points and the invoicing process support.


We play an active role within the market of products focused on comprehensive support for electricity trading. We develop and supply comprehensive solutions for measuring, communication and control systems within the XENERGIE, XAURON, VARIOSTEP product lines.

Our products are applied in a wide range of variously oriented companies, especially those operating in the fields of heating, energy and manufacturing. MicroStep – HDO products and solutions work reliably within the process of electricity production and in distribution systems. Moreover, they can be used within the automation of production management, processing of measured data and many other sophisticated areas. Our original and comprehensive solutions are combined with a unique outsourcing of processes related to the services to energy end users. Our platforms are also open to the implementation of specific client requirements.


It goes without saying that an information security management system is an integral part of our portfolio. Within all our activities we also do not forget the environmental impact. Therefore, we have developed a quality and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, respectively. Furthermore, we focus on data analysis, machine learning, smart grids, and Industry 4.0.

We are a supplier of smart and secure solutions for your success.