Within the domain of the heating sector our product lines are oriented on multiple target segments. The VARIOSTEP product line deals with heat measurement balancing, control and equipment for heat transfer stations. The XENERGIE product line also exceeds to the target segment of heat measurement balancing in an integrated manner.

Applications a modules of the VARIOSTEP product line are prepared for deployment in the industrial environment. They are irreplaceable in the environment of the heating sector as well. The solution for energy control and management are applications, devices and complexes assembled for individual functions. VARIOSTEP offers a scalable SW and modular HW intended for data collection, energy management monitoring and control.

The VARIOSTEP product line can control and manage:

  • energy dispatching
  • data collection from meters
  • balancing
  • heat station exchanger management
  • concentrators for data collection

The VARIOSTEP product line is intended for companies that provide complex heat production and distribution. Modules, applications, devices and complexes of the VARIOSTEP product line work within the heat production phase in the heating plant, in the transport as well as distribution phase of the heat flow to transfer stations and end customer buildings. The products of the XENERGIE product line that are intended for the balancing of heat measurement can also be integrated within the heating sector.

XENERGIE for data management and balancing:

  • master and profile data management
  • technical predictions
  • prediction models
  • data aggregation
  • reporting
  • Calculations over time series in real time
  • substitute values ​​and extras