XENERGIE B2B MARKETSPACE extends our solutions for business customer service

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Do you know your way around abbreviations? Do you use them regularly? Do you avoid using them? Can you quickly name what do B2B, SME, KAM, LEAD, E-COMMERS, EDI, CRM, CBA, FCR, EFT and others have in common? They represent abbreviations for us as well. Behind them, however, we see a business customer with their key needs. Business customers represent a specific market segment. Business customers require an individual approach already in the initial phase of contact creation by our clients’ commercial agents. Business customers primarily require fast response to any demand.

Business customers’ CRM needs

The availability of a large number of CRM solutions or invoicing systems often leads our clients to the idea that they could quickly, on their own and cheaply create their own perfect supersystem to serve all their customers. Almost in all cases even the assessment of the intention to connect existing or community solutions on their own leads to unrealistic requirements for integration, high implementation price, often with a duplication of features or with an unsuitable connection of multiple systems with high security threats.

We react to the increasing need to quickly and safely automate the business processes of our clients. That is why we extend our product portfolio. The new product line XENERGIE B2B MARKETSPACE focuses on quick integration of processes for a complex business customer service while also employing open standards.


It represents an excellent solution in the form of an integration platform for the automation of key processes and communication with business customers.

  • XENERGIE B2B MARKETSPACE is neither a CRM nor an invoice system nor a customer system!
  • XENERGIE B2B MARKETSPACE is an integration platform XENERGIE for business customer service.

Currently we offer the integration of processes related to price formation, link to predictions of individual deals, link to calculations in real time in relation to customer master data and data publishing in a secure manner within the partner zone. XENERGIE B2B MARKETSPACE will soon offer features for the integration of consumption points’ commercial flexibility and will allow all clients who will use the XENERGIE solution to incorporate new products supporting the modern energy sector into their products.

Are you having trouble taming CRM? You do not know how to safely link CRM to individual price formation? You cannot work with offers featuring changing input parameters? You do not know how to safely manage commercial agent data? Contact us!

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