Energy trading support

XENERGIE is a product line of solutions to support energy trading. The XENERGIE solution is a modular work platform for energy market participants. The XENERGIE solution integrates commodity and non-commodity products. The XENERGIE solution features full localisation for the connection to energy markets within the EU. The applications and modules of the XENERGIE product line meet the requirements for unbundling, meet the requirements for security and data protection in accordance with the GDPR regulation. The XENERGIE solution is a high-performance and stable platform for the provision of critical processes in corporate environment. The XENERGIE solution is suitable for emerging energy traders.

XENERGIE for predictions

Technical predictions, production predictions with the guarantee of calculation period and accuracy, expert environment for tuning prediction models. We bring a new product line of predictions to the market that are available in the form of a service. We offer the services of price development prediction of energy commodities.

XENERGIE for data management and balancing

Master and profile data management, technical predictions, prediction models, data aggregation, reporting, calculations over time series in real time, substitute values and estimations.

XENERGIE for business customer service

The complex life-cycle of price quotes, evaluation, offer approval, manager reporting, connection to CRM, other communications, web portal, robust integration platform, connection to accounting and others.

XENERGIE for household service

Contract management, price lists and products, tariffs, payment schedules, communication with banks, communication with distribution system operators, communication with market operator connection to accounting, sub ledger, reporting, balance account.

XENERGIE for mass customer service

Complex support for end customer service process management, environment for back office, reporting, document management, evaluation, connection to CRM.

XENERGIE for trading and business

Contract management, reporting, connection to stock exchange, predictions, type diagrams, tariff schemes, price curves, nominations, supporting services, short-term trading.

XENERGIE for optimisation

Price optimisation, product portfolio optimisation.

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