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Business trips have taken us to various places in recent months. We visited Brno, Prague, but also our native Bratislava. But not because of holidays and drinking cold drinks in bars. We met with familiar and new partners and established new contacts. Where could you see us and what were we doing there?


Energy Wednesday

On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, we gathered as partners and members of the association of energy managers News | AEM. We came up with a topic on the issue of performance management in distribution networks on the side of end customers.

In our contribution, we tried to point out a possible way to transfer technologies. More specifically, how to effectively transfer proven features from aging HDO technology to emerging AMM technology.


ČK CIRED in Prague

Someone invents Canadian jokes for April 1st, and someone like us devotes time to education in the field of energy modernization and development. On that day, the general meeting of the ČK (Czech Committee) CIRED, which is a regular coordinator of energy conferences, was organized. Wherever the term energy is mentioned, we must not be missing.

The modernization and development of energy is important for the world, but also for us as an IT company. Thanks to it, we get and invent new ideas. Of course, we did not remain silent at the conference. We presented a proposal to put the upcoming aggregation of active customer flexibility on the agenda of the working groups.


ČK CIRED a month later

May was a month full of travel and discovery for us. We started it on May 3, 2022 with another CIRED conference. It was a meeting of the working group on load-assisted performance management. As usual, we prepared a speech for this meeting as well.

We sparked the debate with our discussion contribution on the future of performance management from the active customer side. Did you catch our MicroStep logo that day? We were headed to this conference or we were already on our way home from there.

CIRED is an acronym for the Congres International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution, i.e. International Conference on Electricity Distribution. It is the world’s largest organization in the technical field of distribution networks. Also for this magnificent description, it was an honour for us to participate in these conferences 2 times.


DIGIT Conference

The virtual webinar with a discussion panel of experts was held 9 days later than the ČK CIRED. Already from 9:00 a.m., we were educated on the topic “Slovak electricity system”. This conference was followed by our contribution. We came up with the topic “Performance Management with Flexibility”.

An independent flexibility aggregate was also discussed. The 2nd block of the conference took place from 10:30. We debated the reduction of energy dependence and the stabilization of energy costs, as well as the management and optimization of forecasts. The conclusion belonged to the topic “Optimization of the energy environment”.


A conference and a smart partner

On May 16, 2022, we supported the ERU2022 conference. Two days later, our business partner TECO came with a new impetus. It is a company engaged in the production of control modules for heat pumps.

TECO came up with the new Tecomat TC 800 line of PLCs, thus expanding its product portfolio. This new line includes central modules and their accessories, as well as expansion modules for inputs and outputs. The latest products from the Tecomat PLC series are power supply modules and PLC frames.


Where can you see us next?

If you weren’t lucky enough to see us and experience our speaking skills live, you can still take the opportunity. On June 15 – June 16, 2022, we will participate in the Czech-Slovak Energy Forum conference. In addition to us, the most important companies from the field of energy will also appear here.

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