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September was a month full of seminars, education and gathering of new knowledge for us. We not only acquire this knowledge, we also pass it on. At the Prague seminar, which took place on September 14, 2022, we had a lecture on the topic “Community energy and intelligent connection of home units for battery and photovoltaic systems on construction sites”. What could be experienced at the seminar?


Architects and designers

The seminar organized by the association AKU-BAT CZ was aimed at architects and designers. It was held at the Czech University of Technology in Prague (ČVUT). Apart from our input in the form of a lecture, the whole seminar was divided into 3 blocks.

Block 1

The seminar, which took place on September 14, 2022, started at 9:00 a.m. and the 1st block lasted until 10:40 a.m. The main topic was legislation. During the program, for example, general legislation and standards, regulations and connection conditions for photovoltaic power plants (PVPPs) were addressed.

During the first block, technical legislation was also discussed, which included revisions and building permits. The rest of the topics consisted of requirements for the connection contract and requirements for project documentation. Block number 1 was closed by the topic of subsidy issues.

Block 2

2nd block took place from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In its framework, participants had the opportunity to learn about photovoltaics. Here, too, we contributed to the program with our lecture on community energy and intelligent connection of home units for battery and photovoltaic systems on construction sites.

Topics covered in Block 2:

  • What are the costs of 1 kWp PV plants today, case studies by size or design complexity
  • How to calculate PV return and when it makes sense
  • What are the technical aspects of the installation of PV panels on roofs
  • Different types of installation systems for roof coverings
  • Business model – flows, purchases
  • Simple smart connection of home units to the community portal (smart cabling, integration into the energy community)
  • Energy management of the building

Block 3

The last 3rd block was implemented from 13:30 to 17:00 and was related to accumulation. Participants could learn a lot in this block. One of the topics was why it is actually good to consider the accumulation of electrical energy in buildings.

Remaining topics in the 3rd block:

  • Basic principles of reasoning when assessing the return of PV plants “with” or “without” a storage facility
  • Technological possibilities of battery storage – what storage can do today
  • Case studies of battery storage in a family home, apartment building, small and medium-sized industry,
  • Differences between battery technologies and their impact on return and cost-effectiveness
  • Planning basics – where to place and connect the battery
  • Additional options for electrical energy storage
  • How much it is necessary to interfere with the existing wiring
  • How much must be changed in the wiring project in the new building
  • Basics of safe operation of battery storage facilities in buildings (fire safety),
  • How to integrate photovoltaics, batteries and other TZB – a smart house with stupid problems or a stupid house without worries
  • Specific implementation examples, technical and economic analysis


Lecturers and admission price

The conference was open to architects, designers, representatives of investors and others. Several experts from the fields of electronic technology and electrical engineering participated in the seminar. The price of the ticket was 2500 CZK or 100 € without VAT.

Lecturer experts at the seminar:

  • Jan Fousek, AKU-BAT CZ,
  • Petr Gaman, PATRICK,
  • Ivan Trup, MicroStep Invest s.r.o.,
  • Pavel Doucha, AK Doucha Šikola lawyers,
  • Pavel Hrzina, CTU,
  • Zdenek Chips, Solar global,
  • Ondrej Tomšej, leader department implementation subsidies degrees, Ministry of Industry and Trade,
  • Jakub Hrbek, director section implementation energy, air and climate protection projects, State Environmental Fund environment,
  • Michal Klečka, GWL, AMWOLT.
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