We were partners of the CIRED 2021 conference in Tabor

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CIRED annual conferences are among the highlights of the professional conference calendar in the field of energy in the Czech and Slovak Republic. The conference held on 9th and 10th November in Tabor was the 24th under the auspices of CIRED. Microstep-HDO is one of the 62 members of the Czech CIRED Committee / CK CIRED /, was also a partner of the conference and an active participant.


CIRED conferences

The Czech Committee of CIRED – Congres International des Reseaux Electriques de Distribution – belongs to the largest global organisation in the field of distribution networks. CIRED is part of a respected international forum of experts in the fields of research, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance of distribution systems. CIRED CC brings together collective, individual and honorary members from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


CIRED International Conferences

These bi-annual events inform the professional public about the latest knowledge, especially in the field of electricity distribution networks. Already the 26th International Conference CIRED 2021 took place on 20 – 23 September virtually and gave the opportunity to experts and participants from all over the world to participate.

The CIRED 2021 conference was a unique venue to interact with hundreds of key decision leaders in the electricity distribution industry. The conference was a platform to network with a wide international spectrum of delegates from the service, product, consulting and business sectors of the distribution industry. The next conference, the 27th CIRED 2023, is scheduled to take place non-virtually from 12 to 15 June in Rome.


CIRED Annual Conferences

Professional events under the auspices of the Czech Committee of CIRED regularly inform the Czech and Slovak professional public about the significant results of the work and activities of the members of 13 working groups of 6 CIRED Sections and other experts working in several areas of energy.

The CIRED conferences are mainly intended for:

  • workers of energy undertakings
  • experts from research institutes, academic and scientific institutions
  • designers and operators of energy equipment in industry
  • educators and university students
  • manufacturers and suppliers of electricity distribution equipment

CIRED 2021 Conference in numbers

  • 24. CK CIRED Conference
  • 18 conference partners
  • 3 media partners
  • 2 days of the professional programme
  • 6 expert sections
  • 58 expert lectures, presentations and papers
  • more than speakers100

The extensive conference programme ran for two days simultaneously in three conference halls. The conference sessions were divided as follows:

  1. Elements of networks
  2. Power quality and EMC
  3. Operation, control and protection of power systems
  4. Distributed sources and use of electricity
  5. Development of networks
  6. Management, organisation, qualification

In the 6th session of the conference, Ivan Trup, MicroStep-HDO’s Commercial and Technical Director, also spoke about the use of battery energy storage to provide flexibility.


An important and beneficial conference

The CIRED 2021 conference was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Energy Regulatory Office. The 24th annual conference of the CK CIRED once again – traditionally – fulfilled its mission: to provide a venue for a professional, working, but also informal meeting of experts in the field of energy.

In addition, to summarize the results of the work of experts, to discuss the current state, prospects and new trends in the energy sector not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also in the European energy space.

The importance of the CIRED 2021 professional conference for professional education is evidenced by the fact that it was included in the accredited educational programmes for lifelong learning required by the Czech Chamber of Authorised Engineers and Technicians ČKAIT.

Sources: CIRED | CIRED 2021

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