VARIOSTEP is a product line for energy control and management. The applications and modules of the VARIOSTEP product line are intended for deployment in industrial environment. The VARIOSTEP solution consists of applications, devices and complexes assembled for individual functions. The VARIOSTEP solution offers a scalable SW and modular HW suitable for data collection, monitoring and control of the energy economy.


Application in the industry

VARIOSTEP for distribution substation monitoring

RTU units, 3G/LTE communication modules, data collection from quality meters and electro meters, ensuring SCADA communication, event record, remote control.

VARIOSTEP for HDO transmitter control

Control of frequency transformers, integration into the distribution point system, connection to the load management headquarters, remote manipulation and blockades, modular conception for various voltage levels.

VARIOSTEP VARIOSTEP for energy meter data collection

Concentrators, event record, registry reading, offline data, protocol conversion.

VARIOSTEP for energy review in real time

Data collection from meters and record in time series, value aggregation, substitute values, automated balance, output reporting to DWH, connection to BI tools.

VARIOSTEP for flexibility control of consumption points

Energy consumption control, calendar features, consumption control of charging stations.

VARIOSTEP for energy dispatching building

HMI tools, SCADA features.

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