XAURON is a product line intended for electricity distributors. The XAURON product line consists of a complex environment for load management and electricity production from renewable sources depending on the state of the distribution network by controlling HDO receivers. The applications and modules of the XAURON product line represent a solution for customers who want to control tariff schemes. The XAURON solution has a built-in advanced system of switching calendars. It is characterised by a highly-developed interface. The XAURON solution features a multi-level architecture. The XAURON solution is available in various configurations. The XAURON solution is available in the basic configuration with one central hub and in an advanced configuration. The advanced configuration of the XAURON solution is characterised by a high degree of redundancy and availability. The XAURON solution features a smart module intended for the connection to the HDO technology with a direct integration of control units of the VARIOSTEP product line. It is possible to integrate the XAURON environment into the AMM infrastructure. By connecting the modules of the XENERGIE and VARIOSTEP product lines it is possible to control the network balance from the level of 110kV hub areas to the level of distribution substations with the XAURON solution by using smart electro meters.


Tariff and load control within the distribution network

XAURON for setting up switch objects, creation of circuit diagrams

  • Support for various types of ZPA switching objects, Semagyr, Verscom and others
  • Transparent load control using the AMM and SG infrastructure
  • Creation and adjustment of circuit diagrams
  • Control of consumption conditions
  • Switching statistics and NT deliveries

XAURON for configuration of load control system

  • Definition of system elements, parametrisation of communication with transmitters
  • Mutual configuration of transmitters
  • Modifications of transmitter operation statuses
  • Support of switching object simulations

XAURON for system monitoring

  • Complex overview with regards to the HDO system
  • Monitoring of transmitter status, transmission progress, control signal status and input-output variables’ status
  • Signal repetition, transmitter blocking and central control of control variables
  • Detailed overview with regards to system events, operation or defective statuses
  • Support for user defined alarms

XAURON for operational responses

  • Current control of multiple objects
  • Operational adjustments of the daily circuit diagram
  • Modifications of control variable’s status
  • Control of objects’ real status
  • Forward/service transmission

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