We have developed the XENERGIE product line for the domain of energy sector which is preferably intended for energy trading support solution. The XAURON product line is specifically developed for the deployment to the energy sector, specializing in the distribution of electricity. The product line VARIOSTEP also exceeds into target segments of electricity distribution and regional and local distribution systems in an integrated manner.

The XENERGIE product line is oriented on target segments in the energy sector:

  • Electricity production
  • Sale of produced electricity on the market with supporting services
  • Energy purchase on markets with gas and electricity
  • Sale of electricity and gas to end clients
  • Regional distribution systems


The XENERGIE modular solution offers an array of solutions to support energy trading for players on the energy market. The solution features a complete localisation for energy markets within the European Union and integrates non-commodity and commodity products. Applications of the product line XENERGIE meet the requirements and rules of unbundling. In other words, the separation of supply and production of energy from the operation of transmission systems. In addition, they also meet the security and data protection criteria which are in accordance with the European GDPR regulation.

The complex, high-performance XENERGIE platform steadily ensures critical processes in a demanding as well as corporate environment. Furthermore, it can be also used by players who start on the energy market. The XENERGIE product line features many possible applications, predominantly for trading, including a stock exchange connection, data management and balancing, invoicing for end customers or mass customer service. The XAURON product line is developed and intended for target segments of electricity distribution and regional and local transmission systems.


Our product lines are also used for load control of electricity production from renewable sources depending on the condition of the distribution system, by means of controlling HDO receivers. Modules and applications of the XAURON product line also represent a solution for managing tariff schemes with an advanced built-in switching calendar system. Multi-level architecture, various configurations, highly-developed graphic interface.

A basic configuration with a central hub is available but also an expanded configuration with a high level of accessibility and redundance. The smart module of the XAURON solution is intended for direct integration with control units of the VARIOSTEP product line, by connecting it to the HDO technology. The AMM and IMS infrastructure can be integrated with the XAURON environment. By connecting the XAURON solutions with modules of VARIOSTEP and XENERGIE product lines it is possible to control the balance of the network as well. Namely by using smart electricity meters from the level of 110 kV hub areas all the way to distribution stations.

The XAURON system features many functions from setting switching objects, to the creation of switching plans, configuration of the load control system, system monitoring or operational interventions.